Migrate Your Database

In this section, you will perform a database migration from the source SQL database to a target Amazon RDS for MSSQL database with using Native Backup and Restore migration.

Since this is a homogeneous database migration (the source and target database engines are the same) - the schema structure, data types, and database code are compatible between the source and target databases, which means that this kind of migration doesn’t require any schema conversion.

In this scenario, The source Database doesn’t require any real time replication, thus, Database Migration Service (DMS) is not used for replication.

Below Diagram shows the high level steps when using Native Backup and Restore migrations.

You can check using native backup and restore for details and limitations.


In this lab, you will perform the following steps:

  1. Create Target DB

  2. Backup Source DB

  3. Restore DB on RDS

  4. Change Connection String at Application

  5. Summary